Project Support Service

MAES offers a range of support services across the supply chain on the use of MAES contracts. Our teams of experts are happy to advice on a range of issues across the Industrial services, electromechanical service, whether you are using them for works, services or the supply of goods. MAES provides a range of services for small, midsize and large businesses. MAES has the engineering, technical and management expertise to advise, implement, integrate and support various projects. Our expert team provides services to support your needs today and tomorrow as your business continues to transform and grow. MAES is a young established contracting company with considerable experience in local markets over the past few years. MAES has a record of accomplishment of expertise gained in design, supply & wide range of industrial services, electromechanical service including supply of highly skilled Manpower force, fabrication works and Welding of parts in private and public industries to process equipment for the Engineering sector. We also maintain relationships with a broad range of specialist legal experts, specific to the engineering and construction industry in support of our contract services. This adds a high level of expertise aimed at protecting client interests.

Photo Of Epdm And Pvc Waterproofing Systems

Metal Roof Repair & Rehabilitation

Completed Project

S/NO Work/Job Description Location Main


01 Maintenance and building renovation of construction including plumbing, firefighting,HVAC,tiles fixing, painting and waterproofing. Abqaiq Plant, Aramco Mana Al-Khamsan
02 Firefighting supply and installation. Juyamah,Aramco SCC
03 MEP complete maintenance, supply and installation. Jeddah, Aramco Adamco
04 Maintenance and supply of manpower (electrical,mechanical,HVAC,instrumentation and firefighting) Dhahran, Aramco Saipem
05 Metal sheet replacing and waterproofing  of various Aramco facilities. Dhahran, Aramco Mana Al-Khamsan
06 Roof repair/replacement and waterproofing of various warehouse. Jeddah, Aramco Adamco
07 Epoxy coating of warehouse. Riyadh, Aramco Arab Co. For Projects
08 Roof repair and waterproofing. Abqaiq, Aramco Mana Al-Khamsan
09 Epoxy coating of warehouse. Abqaiq, Aramco Mana Al-Khamsan
10 Roof repair and waterproofing of Safco warehouse. Jubail,Sabic AMPS
11 Demolition, construction repair of coating pipe trench wall of Sadaf facilities. Jubail,Sabic AMPS
12 Concrete repair and coating of meg tank foundation, pipe slipper Jubail,Sabic AMPS
13 Concrete repair and floor coating and waterproofing ware house building. Dhahran, Aramco AMPS
14 Concrete repair and epoxy coating of floor. Gulf Packaging,Jubail AMPS
15 Roof repair and waterproofing work substation. Gulf Packaging,Jubail MAES
16 Roof repair and waterproofing line 1,2,3,4. Gulf Packaging,Jubail MAES
17 Roof repairing and change the sky light and waterproofing. Gulf Packaging,Jubial MAES
18 Waterproofing Safi Al-Danon, Al-Kharj (Polyuria) Al-Safi Danon,AL-Kharj Stancon
19 HDPE Liner work evaporation pond Abqaiq Plant Abqaiq, Aramco Mana Al-Khamsan
20 Remove old sheet and fix new corrugated sheet and waterproofing. Yanbu Yanbu, Aramco Adamco
21 Supply and installed waterproofing systems new admin building.Juyamah. Juyamah,Aramco Arab co. For Projects
22 Supply and installed waterproofing systems of  Bldg.# 304 Rastanura Aramco Rastanura,Aramco Hammam and Sons

Ongoing Project

S/NO Description Location Main Contractor
01 HDPE Liner work Hawayyah. Hawayya,Aramco Mana Al-Khamsan
02 HDPE Liner work Othmaniya. Othmaniya,Aramco Mana Al-Khamsan
03 Waterproofing work GOSP 2 Abqaiq. Abqaiq, Aramco Al-Kawari
04 Self levelling work GOSP 2 Abqaiq. Abqaiq, Aramco Al-Kawari